I applaud this mother!

I was going to just share this article on Facebook, but then I got on my soapbox a bit and decided this might be better……I applaud this mother and this article – An Open Letter to My Son.  She says so many great things!

I’m a firm believer that good parents can teach their teenagers to make better decisions.  Kids and teens will always, until the end of time, do some stupid things.  Their brains aren’t fully developed, so really, there’s no way around it.  Some are better than others when it comes to avoiding horrible decisions, but again, this generally is directly related to how they are raised and how well they can think for themselves.

However, I don’t understand or agree with letting kids under 21 drink at home because “you’d rather they do it at home as opposed to out at a party” and people somehow thinking that helps teach kids to drink responsibly.  How is leading by an example of complete disregard for the legal drinking age teaching anyone respect of any kind?  And how about teaching them to be able to have fun without alcohol or healthier ways to cope with life instead??

Now, I’m a beer-snob and I admit it.  I enjoy good craft beer (not shitty american beer though!), but being responsible with alcohol (and really with pretty much anything!) comes from learning to be a responsible adult.

Alcohol just wasn’t a staple in our household growing up.  That’s not to say that I didn’t drink and make horrible decisions.  Unfortunately, I did.  But I can honestly say, I never had more fun when I was drinking than when I wasn’t.  (If your friends think that you have to be drunk to have fun, or if the only thing you do when you’re with your friends is drink, then you need new friends!)

“Let me be clear that the fact that we love you and will stand by you does not in any way mean we will stand by while you do things that you know aren’t good for you.”  YES!

And she nails this one right on the head – “there is nothing cool about waking up in your own vomit, or having a DUI before you are 18.”  A DUI at any age is the complete opposite of cool….and smart….and responsible.  Plus one thing that worked in my favor is that I hate throwing up, so it only took one time for me to learn that’d there’s a million other things I’d rather do than drink until I throw up.  Plus, there’s nothing cool about a hangover….or being the drunken, crying, stumbling idiot that the rest of the people make fun of.

So here’s a tip of my hat to parents who teach their kids to make better decisions, who lead by a better example and who teach their kids healthier ways to have fun and to cope with the things that life will throw at them for years to come!