Throw Back Thursday – Poetry Edition

It was January 1998 and I was a just-over-18 college freshman.  I was taking an amazing Beatnik poetry class that included reading & writing poetry, along with espresso and coffee with the class.  These may not be award-winning caliber and are filled with teen angst, but it was fun and I learned a lot.  So, enjoy!

Afternoon Walk
I walk through a world
in endless struggle
Where searching is
disliked, frowned upon, rejected
Where different is
judged by look and not action
Where friends are friends
and friends are enemies
Everyone has one face
probably two or three
Alone is where I find myself
and where I choose to be

By Our Own Design
We occur and then vanish
without a second look
The chains that surround us
are by our own design
We built the empire
that closes in around us
Our creation is now so strong
it cannot be destroyed
Our actions developed evil
these demons we must now accept
The structures that withhold us
are merely what’s inside