What’s wrong with ‘Happy Holidays’ anyway?

I keep seeing these posts on FB about saying Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays or standing up for christmas because there’s a war on it and so on.  It raises some questions and confusion for me.


Post from Facebook.

So, “Merry Christmas” may be the traditional greeting to some, but it isn’t for all. Many belief systems don’t, and not even all christian denominations, celebrate christmas.  Non-believers don’t either, obviously.  Are the Merry Christmas folks okay with being told Happy Holidays (apparently not or there wouldn’t be the posts I suppose), Happy Hanukkah, Merry Yule or Happy Kwanzaa?  If not, why?  Do they then feel the need to respond to these traditional greetings with your own to make a point?  And how does that make it okay then to force Merry Christmas on people who don’t celebrate the same way?  I just don’t see the logic there.  If you know that someone else celebrates and believes the same as you, then it makes complete sense to share the same greetings, etc.  But if one is assuming that everyone does, or should, do and believe the same, then that’s something totally different.

Religion is a personal choice and everyone is different.  Asking for respect and acceptance of those differences isn’t a “war” on anything.  It seems that differences like this divide so much and are so harmful.  So, instead of trying to push one’s own way, maybe having something universal and non-divisive isn’t a bad thing in our current society?  I’m not trying to start a debate, but just offer some questions and things to ponder.